The best fly fishing leaders…created by you.

Furled Leaders:

Furled leaders have many advantages when compared to other types of fly fishing leaders. Constructed similar to a length of rope, they are virtually memory free. This lack of memory means you never need to straighten them, they are more accurate and they help detect light strikes. Furled leader’s flexibility also gives them a soft natural presentation of the fly, while still having the power to turnover long tippets.

The best part is that you create furled leaders at home using roughly the same time and cost as tying a fly. Creating them yourself also gives you the ability to customize every aspect of your furled leaders.

Step by step plans for building the jig needed to make furled leaders.

Showing you all the secrets behind creating furled leaders.

From the first knot to the finishing loop this fully illustrated book guides you step by step through creating and customizing all types of furled leaders.

Add A New Project To Your Fly Tying, Improve Your Fishing & Save Some Money